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Live Session: Salt & Water

We recorded this song live at Paramount Recording Studios in Hollywood and had a great time making music in such a historically rich place. Special thanks to the team at Arena.com for making this day happen.


Free debut Album Download

The special edition release of our debut album is now available to download for free.


We released this newly mastered special edition of our debut album with new cover art from Travis Bone at Furturtle Prints and two new tracks: “Lights” and “Salt and Water”. These 12 songs reflect our writing and vision from our first year as a band.  It is, essentially, a scrapbook page for us to look back and appreciate where we started. The process of recording these tracks in basements, apartments and industrial buildings seems forever ago, but the sounds and lyrics still resonate for us. We hope you'll enjoy listening to a bit of our history too.

Feel free to download for free, or name your own price for the album by making a small donation.

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"The four of us grew up with music in very different ways. We were high-school band geeks, we spun our parents Beatles vinyl as loud as we could get away with, we started crappy punk bands from our garage.

When stars aligned to bring us together in Phoenix, we gave life to melodies that had been in my head for years. It took some time to realize that our music, at its core, stems from the relationships that we have together - its about creating and sharing with each other. These songs speak to love, family, community and the simple beauty of the Southwest.

Now, we want to share with you what we've found together."

- Jesse


The Senators are Jesse Teer, Chuck Linton, Marshall Hunt & Jason Yee.